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You Know It When You See It

​Welcome to AnYong Analytics!


You're here because your organization needs analytics skills to help with a variety of Data Science tasks. Perhaps you need to source and organize data, or analyze and visualize them, either on-site or in the cloud. Maybe you'd like to develop and implement predictive models on your data to inform your organization's decisions, or target and execute campaigns to grow your business.


AnYong Analytics does all this, and more. If you need to educate your staff with well-designed, custom-focused Data Science and analytics courses, delivered when and how you need them, you're covered. Or maybe you need management and implementation services for your data science projects.  


When you see it, you know it. AnYong Analytics is about Good Data Science - quality data and sound analytics, feeding decisive, data-driven actions. 



The Story


Hi. I'm Pat Williams, President of AnYong Analytics, LLC. I hope my firm can help yours by providing the highest quality, world-class analytics services for your

Data Science initiatives. After retiring as a Data Scientist from SAS® Inc.'s Advanced Analytics Lab in 2018, I looked back on my 31-year career of modeling and analytics experience and thought, "Heck, ... 



Let's Not Get Lost​

​There's alot out there these days on Data Science - AI, ML, clouds, big data, in-memory, open-source vs. proprietary - and much more. And, by and large, it's all good.


But while many organizations have mastered Data Science and fully enjoy its benefits, others have not fared as well. They're either late investing in Data Science and ...

Terms of Service


Great Services at Great Rates!

AnYong Analytics services are provided on a time and materials basis. All projects have a contract/statement of work specifying project terms, conditions and scope, etc.

With the exception of key meetings such as interviews, project scoping, special presentations, etc., work is performed remotely using secure connectivity chosen by the client.


Hourly rates vary based on project length, complexity, analytical depth, etc.:

  • For-profit  $60 to $120 per hour;

  • Non-profit $45 to $60 per hour; 

  • Travel time $45 per hour.

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